$52,000 Royal White Diamonds Phone by Gresso

Whilst earlier this Russia-based mobile phone maker Gresso rolled its hand in black diamonds tub and now touching another pole stands with its elite offering of White Diamonds collection. The two worth-flaunting mobile phones falling in this collection includes Gresso White Diamonds and Gresso Royal White Diamonds. The phone features an inherit hand-assembled body panels developed using 200-year old African blackwood and the base plate of the keypad is formed using titanium and stainless steel battery cover with a magnetic lock. All this comes in a layer of gold and leather.

At luxury front, the phone features display with striking 42K sapphire crystal glass, 18-karat gold keys with a signature feature and how can I skip to inform that all the imprinted numbers on the keypad are laser-cut in Roman style. Out of the two, the Gresso Royal White Diamonds is pricier at $52, 000 and counted 200 models are available for sale. Its cost is justified as its 23 keys are crowned with gold and 2.53K of white diamonds.

Against it, the Gresso White Diamond handset features only navigation keys coated with white diamonds and is retailed at $14,000. At technical front, these handsets feature a tri-band GSM support, a microSD memory card slot, a 65K color TFT display QVGA resolution plus a two-megapixel camera. Listen, they run on Windows Mobile 6 Standard only.

Via GSMArena
Royal White Diamonds Phone

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