Elite Estate: UK’s $70 million Bulletproof Mansion

An elite estate located in Hampstead, North-West London is being touted as the most expensive property ever sold in Britain. And the fortunate buyer of the property is Israeli diamond billionaire Lev Leviev, who paid $80 million for this seven-bedroom home. He has plans to shift to this villa with his wife Olga and two of his nine children. The actual cost of the house is $70 million but it is the $100,000 bullet proof front door that has hoisted its value. It is being heard that the estate would be the permanent residence for this Israeli tycoon.

It features a $1.5mn stone staircase erected using 150-year-old carving modus operandi and an indoor swimming pool layered with gold-plated mosaic tiles. It also flaunts a gym, sauna, ballroom and cinema, a private hair salon and a one-ton bathroom basin carved from a single piece of white Iranian onyx.

The day Leviev would step up into this villa, he would be shielded with not only bullet-proof front door but also 25 security cameras and a high-tech alarm system that can be monitored distantly from a yacht in the Caribbean if need be. What all luxurious installments in this manor make it UK’s most expensive? A $46,000 topiary bush and $230,000 hand-carved stone fireplace in the living room are the most striking accessories.

Gallery: $70 million Bulletproof Mansion

Via DailyMail
Bulletproof Mansion

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