“The New Rich, Old Rich, Poor Rich and The Rich Rich”

Filthy-Rich Gentry doesn’t have a limit to their whooping desires. Day in and out, we have been witnessing entry of masterpieces, artwork, paintings, statues to the international auction houses viz. Sotheby’s and Christie’s. And the next day, the highest bidder dominates the headline. Luxury seems to be in their veins and thus they can afford to buy the weirdest of product at outrageous prices.

Lately, Denise Lefrak Calicchio, former Sotheby’s broker has given vent to his thoughts charting down the psychology of the filthy-rich. Pointing towards investing in estates that has almost become a norm, he said the trend is not restricted to mere purchase but its constant renovation is what drives big bucks. Imagine a villa equipped with $30,000 couch or world’s most-expensive accessories, appliances and thingy products. And above it, revamp suiting to the present time catching eyeballs. His condensed view is: “This trend is not going to go away because there are so many people who want these apartments. There’s the new rich and there’s the old rich. There’s the poor rich and the rich rich.”

Well, I think there is no harm till the time a person can afford to buy his desires by throwing few packets of money. Someone has rightly said: “You are as good as your last story.” This perfectly fits in riches status symbol and drives them to keep updating their portfolio, reaching higher and higher and higher.



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