Gauguin’s ‘Tahitian Women Bath’ Masterwork to Generate $60 mn

The number of visitors at Sotheby’s has been rising and all thanks to the mounting pieces of art, statue and paintings available for auction. While the news about the Francis Bacon’s Self-Portrait and Bullfight, Magna Carta’s 710-year-old copy, Pablo Picaso’s unique creation, Chinese Artwork, Jeff Koon’s 9-foot pink heart, Van Gogh’s “Wheat Fields” painting, Guennol Lioness statue and also portrayal of extension of great wall of china at Sotheby’s Biggest auction wasn’t old that we have a new entrant.

“Te Poipoi” (The Morning) is a beautiful painting by the French post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin that presents a Tahitian women taking bath under mango trees. The painting would be a part of an auction scheduled in November and is anticipated to fetch $60 million.

No doubt this 1892 canvas picturing bathing women has turned into a quixotic spot. Sotheby’s honors the work of art as “Supreme Tahitian panorama by the artist in the custody of the private hands” and “facet of the memorable collections till formed in America.” In 1945, the paining was procured by Charles Payson, a multimillionaire collector.

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Tahitian Women Bath

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