IFA 2007 Presents World’s Most Expensive Stereo System @ $ 8, 60,608

Without any doubt, world’s pricey high-end stereo system retailed at $ 860,608 is expected to justify its presence at IFA 2007. Exhibited by Audio, the trade journal has invited all eyeballs complemented with loads of expectations.

But this elite product offers matchless experience with the 5.1 sound produced by JBL-speakers. Let me now introduce you to its other ingredients that helped that would help you calculate its price, thus giving peace to your curiosity.

Pair of JBL-speakers: $68,700
Four Velodyne subwoofers: $52,000 (18-inch)
Five Amplifiers: $163,000 (By Krell)
Pre-Amplifier: $54,500 (By Mark Levinson)
Audio player: $137,000

But like everything under the sun, this power-packed stereo system also comprises of low-cost elements viz. blue-ray player BDP-LX 70 retailed at $1,776 and Toshiba’s HD-DVD player HD-EXI is also cost-friendly. True, this low cost won’t help in any sense as the functionality of the system would be incomplete without the expensive lot. Not to forget the SIM2 projector HAT-500 that demands a bulky sum of $68,000.

This lavish system is a perfect feast for the music lovers and for those who wish to enjoy the cinematic experience wt home only. Am sure with all their ears to the beats of the stereo system, the crazy freaks would be ready to lose the weight of their wallet.

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Stereo System

Stereo System


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