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The Future Luxury Bentley with A Holographic Butler

The British car maker Bentley is envisioning a future luxury vehicle with a hologram butler. The future luxury vehicle is going to be different from other luxury cars. Imagine a car with your man

Louis Vuitton Monogram Macassar Steamer: Most Expensive Bag

Louis Vuitton has recently launched its new menswear collection inspired by sailing and marine world. The new collection, an America’s cup themed is created in honor of the 35th edition of the Louis Vuitton

Why Four Season Voted World’s Number 1 Luxury Hotel?

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, the acknowledged luxury hotel has been recognized and honored once again for its excellence in providing luxury hospitality. The Canadian-based five-star hotel hospitality company recently voted as world’s top

Fendi Unveils Restored Palace at The Heart of Rome

Fendi has unveiled its newly restored Palazzo Fendi in the heart of Rome. The Italian luxury brand store was restored to woo the richest shoppers of Europe as well as the wealthiest shopper’s across

The Floating Seahorse – A Luxury Villa is a Work of Art

Dubai is a city-state known for its gorgeous skyscrapers, stunning landmarks, and lavish projects which embody the essence of luxury. Their recent project the Pearl of Dubai, the world largest underwater theme park is

Brazilian Court Hotel $90,000 Vacation Package

Brazilian Court Hotel is offering a lavish package to celebrate its 90th year anniversary. The Palm Beach hotel is making its anniversary a big deal as evident in their newest offering. The vacation package

Most Expensive Home In Los Angeles At $500 Million

There are not enough words to describe the most expensive home currently under development in California. Priced at half a billion, this 100,000 square feet most expensive mansion located in the affluent section of

Gold Skull Armchair Built for World Domination From Harow

Are you wondering about how to dominate the world? Or looking for a comfortable armchair? Well, don’t go to Ikea, even though they do have many swivel chairs but nothing that is designed and

Music Machine 3 Modeled After Star Wars Tie Fighter

Looking for a music box that doesn’t have spinning ballerinas? If you are tired of your music box playing the same tune over and over again or you are a star wars fan that

Luxury Aircraft skydeck: Now Flying on Airplane Top Possible

Are you ready to fly on top of an airplane? An aerospace engineering firm recently unveils a plan that will seat passengers on top of an airplane. You read it right! The plan is
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