Celebrate Valentines Day with Worlds Most Expensive Roses

This coming Valentines day, making an impression on your other half is not a problem as the world’s most expensive roses have gone on sale. The biggest ever roses for your special someone will create a hole in the pocket.

This is because, a bouquet of roses measuring almost 5ft tall, will cost up to £9,000. These flowers can be yours for the price of a used Mercedes SL 500, conservatory extensions or a luxury world cruise. But, for those who cannot afford to buy the 1,000 stems costing £9k, there are cheaper bouquets. The price for 150 stems is £2,000, 50 stems £750 and 24 stems cost £500.


The flowers were cultivated in the mountain ranges of Ecuador, near a town called Malachi. They have grown the roses in the rich soil of the Andes, also known as the highland. The flowers were purposely grown 2, 800 metres above sea level to be the tallest roses in the world, according to the company Arena Flowers.

The region high altitude makes the roses grow slower than its normal cycle allowing the flowers to grow long stems and large heads. With the Andes unique soil, the country becomes the third’s largest exporter of flower, in which 73 percent of the flowers are roses.

Giving flowers said the company is the perfect way to profess love this year. Aside from flowers, the company can also make available the ultimate present for Valentines Day. They have packages that include champagne, iPads and even a luxury vehicle.

For £2,950, your other half can get 100 roses, bottle of Cristal and an iPad. But if you have £111k to spare, you can spend it on 100 roses, an iPad, Cristal and a luxury electric car.

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