FLIR Releases an iPhone Case With Built in Thermal Imaging Camera

The evolving technology has made a cell phone much more than a talking device. The functions and features now available on smartphones make them a multifunctional device. Now FLIR has developed a FLIR ONE iPhone case that enables the phone to also work as a thermal imaging camera that lets you see heat signatures from either live people or animals from up to 100 meters away. In addition it captures thermal data from environmental sources including heating ducts and wall gaps. FLIR’s specializes in products aimed at hunters and professionals. However it is for the first time that they have developed a smartphone based thermal camera that is aimed at a mass market.

iPhone Case with Thermal Imaging Camera

The Case is Much Cheaper Than any Standalone Model

Priced at $350 the FLIR ONE iPhone case can qualify as one of the most expensive case without any precious material or stones. However it is much cheaper than FLIR’s least expensive stand alone model which currently retails for $1,100. The built in camera in the case has been designed for the mass market and has an easy to use interface that is user friendly. The app offers numerous modes that interpret thermal data differently. It is able to show many degrees of temperature as well as binary differences between extreme heat, average temperature and extreme cold. The camera is so sensitive that it is able to capture residual heat, like that left by a foot on a carpet for quite a while after a person was there.

Thermal Images on Your Phone

The Case Has its Own Battery to Power the Camera

The innovative iPhone case by FLIR was unveiled at CES and the company representatives were pitching it aggressively as a mass market product by highlighting its utility for an average consumer. With the help of the case and its camera you can figure out whether your dog is climbing up onto your bed when you leave or not. It can prove useful in enhancing your home security system. It can detect thermal leaks in your house as well as help you find water leaks in concealed pipes behind the wall. The case comes with a battery that powers the camera for continuous use of four hours at full charge and also functions as a backup battery for the phone. The case is available for pre order and would be ready for shipping by spring.

Via: techcrunch, 9to5mac

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