Omni By Virtuix Makes Video Gaming A Lot More Interesting

The video game industry is worth over $78 billion according to a 2012 report by Reuters. That is n. o small business by any measure. Hence it is quite natural that people in the business are always trying to up the ante. Virtuix is one such company that has brought out the Omni directional treadmill. This has been in the market for some time. What is new this time around is that they have added VR (virtual Reality) glasses such as the Oculus Rift to offer to its users an amazing video gaming experience. Parents might like this one too since it comes with a treadmill, so the kid will be getting some exercise too rather than just slouching on the couch.

WizDish and Stringwalker also offer walkers, but their platforms aren’t too convenient or as compact. For the Omni, you’ll have to wear special shoes that have low friction. There is a special plunger pin too that fits into the groves of the octagonal platform and a more steady gait, without the risk of sliding sideways. As you can see in the picture, there is a waist support ring and a belt too, which will enable the users to walk hands free. The ring can be adjusted according to the height and the belt according to the girth. The Omni comes with suitable hardware and software that will translate the user’s movement as an avatar on the screen.




The issue with Omni is that people will have to get their own VR glasses and wireless controller. The current Omni prototype is 48 inches in diameter, but the guys at Virtuix are trying to reduce that for the release model. The Omni can also be easily disassembled, so storage is not an issue. Virtuix will launch a Kickstarter campaign May onwards and hopes for a $400 to $600 price tag.

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