A Comprehensive Video Game Collection Fetches Over $1.2 Million on eBay

This could be dubbed the most expensive video game collection. A French video game collector sold his most comprehensive video game collection for over $1.2 million on eBay. The collection consists of thousands of video games including every video game ever created for the Nintendo, Sega and NEC video game systems. The collection boasts of 22 full sets having over 7,000 video games. Andre, a 32 year old man is always selling video games and this obviously is his biggest ever sale. It was not his hobby but a mission to source and collect exhaustive sets of every Sega, Nintendo and NEC system. It is easier said than done but Andre was able to achieve his mission and go above and beyond his original goal.

Andre Made it His Mission to Collect Complete Sets

Andre was almost obsessed with his mission. He had taken it up as a challenge to get every title in its factory sealed original packing. It was extremely difficult to source older titles in factory sealed condition that were released 25 years ago. He is happy and relaxed now that he was able to achieve his goal and thinks it is time to move on. His collection became valuable because it even featured the rare Nintendo Virtual Boy and the Sega Dreamcast which had a short run. Andre managed to acquire each one of its 550 games. However the highlight of the collection is a game called Go-Net for the Sega Mega Drive which is also known as the Genesis in the US. This is a very rare game and if you believe Andre there are only two copies available on the planet.

The Rarest of Games

The most expensive video game collection also featured some other rare games like Kunio-Kun Dodgeball Gold for the Super Famicom. It is the Japanese version of the Super Nintendo. Apparently only eight copies of the game were ever produced. The collection gained in value because of the completeness of every set because they featured every game for all the systems. Every rare item in the set added to the value of the collection. In addition it became a very attractive purchase for any collector as the condition of the games was very good and all of them came in their original box with instructions with a lot of them in brand new factory sealed condition. Normally, even if you buy 20,000 games at a time the price would be much less.

The Collection Will be Shipped to Canada

Andre, who was a passionate gamer as a boy still has thousands of games with him. He took 15 years to put together the collection he sold on eBay. He is waiting for the payment to come to him. The buyer of the collection is in Canada and he owes Andre $1,230,699.99 along with a shipping cost of $1,230.70. In case the buyer changes his mind, Andre might put the video game collection on eBay again or put it on some Japanese auction site. The Japanese are known to be passionate gamers. He might even split the collection and sell each individual set separately. Andre is not worried as his options are open and he is confident that he will find a buyer.

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