Tree House Suites at Chewton Glen Hotel

The grounds of the five star Chewton Glen Hotel in Hampshire’s New Forest has been transformed completely as 12 new luxury tree house suites have been created perched on six pods standing high on stilts. They are surely competing for the most expensive tree house tag as it cost the hotel a cool £7million to construct them. The new additions, inspired by the Tree Hotel in Sweden have added a new natural charm to one of UK’s top hotels. The luxury suites stand amongst the trees but are not cramped for space like any traditional tree house as they are built on independent pods standing on stilts. It is a well laid out suite complete with its own balcony and a hot tub. Imagine sipping champagne surrounded by trees and wildlife. They are the most contemporary tree houses.

The Breakfast Every Morning is Complimentary  

The interiors of the suites are comparable to any luxury hotel. They boast of king size beds, flat screen TVs and free-standing baths. The designers have extensively used natural materials in the interiors. Even the process of constructing the tree house was such that the natural surrounding was least disturbed. All the tree house suites have floor to ceiling windows which allow an abundance of natural light and provide panoramic views of the tree canopy and the valley beyond. The breakfast is complimentary and is delivered each morning in a hamper.

The Rate for Individual Suites Start at £600

Andrew Stembridge, Managing Director of Chewton Glen is proud of the fact that no tree was felled in the process of building the tree houses. They were designed in such a way that they blend into the natural habitat. The construction activity was undertaken in the most considerate manner to minimize the inconvenience to wildlife. The luxury hotel is taking all precaution to maintain the tree house suites with all their luxuries and still leave minimum footprint behind. The guests have option of booking an individual suite or book the entire tree house. The natural luxury comes at a price and the guests must be prepared to pay more than they do at regular luxury hotels. An individual suite costs from £600 and a private tree house can cost as much as £1,900.

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