D Pet Hotel Comes to New York with New Standards of Luxury for a Dog Hotel

D Pet Hotel Hollywood offers a home away from home for dogs of celebrity owners. The luxury hotel for dogs is expanding its base and opening its first D Pet Hotel in New York City. It is not one of those regular pet hotels but an exclusive place for pampered pups. The luxury hotel will open its doors for its canine guests in Chelsea later this summer, as per reports carried by New York Post. Kerry Brown and Christian Skowlund co-own the hotel which is coming up on 104 W. 27th St. This dog hotel matches any luxury hotel for humans in terms of luxurious amenities.

D Pet Hotel Offers Full Size Beds and Flat Screen TVs

The hotel boasts of full size beds, flat screen TVs with DVD players, gourmet meals prepared by a private chef and fitness spa with specialized treatments for dogs. The owners are confident that the concept will have many takers in New York as it will provide a home away from home for its guests. The luxury dog hotel is spread over 10,000 square feet and features 40 standard suites which have a rack rate of $79 a night. These suites are furnished with designer Kuranda dog beds. The more luxurious suites are called the ‘Sensational Suites’ that feature flat screen TVs with DVD palyers and the hotel stocks dog favorite movies like “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” and “Fox and the Hound.” These suites cost $110 a night and there are eight of them available.

Most Luxurious and Most Healthy Dog Hotel

At the top end are ‘Ubersuites’ that have queen size beds, 19 foot ceilings and 42-inch TVs with cable. There are only two such suites in the hotel that will cost $200 a night. The hotel will also provide day care. The meals consisting of brown rice with vegetables, lamb or chicken costs only $9 a meal. There are three doggy parks on the upper floors of the hotel, however if you want a staffer to walk your pup around the neighborhood, the service will cost you $60 an hour. As an alternative the gym comes equipped with doggy treadmills. The spa offers ‘pawdicures’ and hot-oil treatments for dry skin or dry coats. It is not just the most luxurious but the most healthy dog hotel as it has an air-filtration system that changes the air every six to ten minutes.

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