JK Rowling Plans a Tree House Inspired by Hogwarts for her Kids

The rich and the famous can afford to pamper their children and live their own dream through them. JK Rowling who wrote her last Harry Potter book in 2007 and is now almost ready with her first book for adults has decided to build two tree houses for her two younger children on the grounds of her 17th century Edinburgh mansion. Dr. Neil Murray, Rowling’s husband recently applied to the City of Edinburgh Council along with the maps for the proposed tree houses. One of the council officials said that there is no reason why Rowling should not get the permission from the council as the structure is being made only for the children to play in.

Blue Forest Has Designed the Tree House

The couple has commissioned Blue Forest, known for their eco-friendly tree houses to design and build the tree houses on the property. The cost estimates are not available as yet but the experts who have seen the design estimate it to cost around $200,000. It is Rowling’s way of reconnecting with Harry Potter’s world. The design of the tree house is clearly inspired by Hogwarts and features conical turrets, a 12-inch door, a spiral staircase, and the two houses will be connected by a rope bridge. Some magic element has also been incorporated in the design with a secret tunnel underneath the entrance ramp for exit and a fireman’s pole around back.

Other Expensive Tree Houses in the Past

The tree houses are being built for David, 9, and Mackenzie, 7, the younger of the three children. The taller of the two tree houses will be almost 40 feet tall and will allow the kids to have a feel of Harry Potter’s world. When built, it will definitely be one of the most expensive tree houses but there have been similar structures built earlier that have cost even more. A Russian Billionaire had built a 40 foot treetop hideaway for his son in Northamptonshire. It was very lavishly built and was very expensive. Heath Ledger had also built a tree house and has in fact put it on the market for an asking price of a whopping $3 million. Victoria Beckham also spent $50,000 to build a tree house for her boys.

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