Bartender’s Record Breaking Dream Ends as Most Expensive Cognac is Shattered to Pieces

The most expensive cognac in the world was accidently smashed to pieces. It was a dream come true moment for drinks maestro Salvatore Calabrese. He was to mix two very expensive drinks this week, to be called the ‘Old and Wise’ cocktail. The cocktail was to cost 5,050 pounds for a glass. The Playboy Club in London, a club meant only for the elite was to host this major drinking event. Judges from the Guinness World Book of Records were to be present at this event. Salvatore Calabrese wished to serve the most divine cocktail and was not worried so much about the most expensive tag.This was Salvotre Calabrese’s only chance to make a name for him in the book of records. This was not to be true however. Sadly his dream was shattered, literally!

Let’s tell you how this very sincere attempt made by Salvatore Calabrese came to a smashing end.

A Dream Comes to an End

Just before the event was about to start a wealthy but rather a very sloppy guest asked for the bottle that stored the most expensive cognac. The bottle was worth a whopping £ 50,000. The customer had already ordered two glasses of the very expensive Clos de Griffier Vieux. The customer with butter fingers was accompanied by his fellow business associate. The two studied this very expensive bottle for some time, rightly so for the bottle of the most expensive cognac was 234 years old. It was indeed a piece of history and had been well preserved all these years. But the bottle’s end was near. Just as the rich duo rose from their tables, the bottle came crashing down. As the bottle lay shattered in pieces the cognac was spilled all over the floor. The world came to a grinding halt for Salvatore Calabrese as the bottle crashed to pieces. Thus was the end of his dream to make it the Guinness World book of records. Since the bottle was open it was not insured. But by the end of the day we all know that it’s just not about the money. Salvatore Calabrese lost a bit of spirit legacy there.

The Doer Forgiven for the Accident

The Most expensive cognac could not make it to the very end but Salvatore Calabrese chose to forgive the doer. The very rich connoisseur of antique drinks is a regular at the club and was doing what he does best, appreciating some fine quality spirits that are also a important piece of history. Salvatore Calabrese regrets leaving the bottle at the table but he realizes he was only letting a true connoisseur fulfil his wishes. Salvatore Calabrese believes that accidents can happen and it was not right sulking over the issue now. The identity of the doer has been kept anonymous.

Salvatore Calabrese himself had an interesting collection of liquors and had very well preserved them display cabinet locked with a key. The shattered pieces of the most expensive cognac will now also make their way to this cabinet bar.We are all waiting for Salvatore Calabrese to make it to the Guinness World Book of Records and very soon!


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