Rent an Olympic pad for £115,000 a Week!

This will take the rental property world by storm. A London based property is asking a staggering £115,000 for a week during the Olympic period. And all this for a seven bedroom pad available for rent when the Olympics are in full swing.

London’s for sure having its share of fun and frolic this year. Not long ago the web world was abuzz with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. We had also reported on how the city had geared up to celebrate their sixty years of the Queen’s monarchy. Hotels had introduced wonderful and some very expensive packages and charity events and auctions in honour of this momentous occasion had become the order of the day. Just when Londoners had recovered from all the celebration, the Olympics now stand poised. The city is once again back in the celebratory mood and is looking forward to this very prestigious gaming event which is only a few days away.

So, how exactly is the city gearing up? For starters, Noma Cuisine is being brought by Claridge’s hotel to London during the Olympics. So when the games are underway you can also think of relishing the taste of Noma cooked especially by head chef Rene Redzepi who will create a five course meal at the hotel for ten days. Luxury accommodation at London hotels’ will also cost you quite a bomb for some are either booked to the brim and some are offering some very expensive packages. Well known luxury hotels such as the Savoy and the Ritz are also offering expensive packages during the Olympic season. Private jet packages offered by Magellan Jet for those who still haven’t booked their tickets. The package also includes bookings at hotels, tickets to the games and transportation in private jets. If that was not enough the rich and loaded sports fans can also the very historic Leeds castle for 16 days and pay a whopping £1 million and also get front seats at the games!

The Olympic pad is the latest addition to all the game frenzy. Let’s give you some more info on what the pad offers its would be guests.

An Expensive Pad for the Olympics

The Olympic pad or the ideal party pad is located at the plush Covent Garden locality of London. The monthly expenditure on this seven bedroom pad is a staggering £500,000 a month. This rather maddening amount is being paid by Saviils, an estate agency which also manages this very extravagant pad.

It is four storeys home and offers its occupants everything from a bar to a pool and a luxurious Jacuzzi. This very epitome of luxury also has a massive kitchen along with a terrace and six reception rooms. The two studies and a TV room just add to the grandness of this 13,000 square feet luxury home. There is a separate accommodation for your staff and a huge underground parking is also available. The owner also promises that some of the amenities can be tailor made for the guests.

The location is in close proximity to the best restaurants in town and tube stations that take you straight to the Olympic village. But we wonder why someone would take a tube when he or she is renting out a maddening amount for a stay in this very expensive house.

This is perhaps the most expensive rental property to hit the real estate world costing £16,428 per day!

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