At £1 Million, You Can Rent The Leeds Castle For The 2012 Olympics

An estimated 5.5 million people will visit London for the 2012 Olympic Games next summer. The hospitality industry is already preparing to meet the influx. But the discerning luxury traveler has another option – the grand Leeds Castle in Maidstone, Kent. The trustees of Leeds Castle are offering the 500-acre property at a minimum rate of £62,500 a night. Too much? Wealthy sports fans can rent the historic castle through the London 2012 Olympics at a price of £1 million for 16 nights. Add to that front row hospitality seats at the London Olympics stadium and it is the deal of a lifetime.

A Different Olympic Playground

The Leeds Castle trustees have roped in estate agents Knight Frank to seek wealthy Olympics fans who might be interested. There should be plenty of luxury rentals in London during the Olympics, but few (if any) will boast of 40 bedrooms and a nine-hole golf course. The historic Leeds Castle was built in 1119. Henry VIII famously remodeled the castle to make it a suitable home for Catherine of Aragon.

The Leeds Castle deal will include the services of a butler and a chauffeur. Michelin-starred chefs will be operating the kitchen. The price maybe steep, but the luxury facilities are mindboggling. Leeds Castle also features a helipad, a maze and a 100-seater banquet hall.

Apart from the front-row seats, the deal will also include fishing, jousting and hot-air balloon rides. Guests will also enjoy the unique opportunity to drive the local steam train. As if that was not enough, a special flag will be designed in their honor.

Rates And Restoration

In the past, Leeds Castle has served as a backdrop for high-profile concerts by Elton John and Luciano Pavarotti. Peace talks with Northern Ireland and the Middle East were also held here. Currently, the castle is due a £14 million restoration. Renting it out during the Olympics is just one way to raise money for the restoration process. Moreover, the £1 million tag for a 16-night stay is only the bare minimum. Rates will go up depending on the requirements of the guests who choose it as their Olympics base.

Other Luxury Options

Leeds Castle is only one among a host of luxury accommodation options that will be available to Olympics tourists between 27 July and 12 August 2012. The luxury traveler will have much to choose from – luxury hotels, vast mansions, and more. This is apart from corporate hospitality packages and VIP seats at the men’s 100-meter finals and other highly anticipated events.

Another historic location that could double up as your Olympic holiday home is the St. James Palace. Queen Elizabeth has provided approval for hiring out the property to private firms. According to reports, St. James Palace has already been booked. The palace is only a short walk away from the Olympics venue. Moreover, the grounds are home to Clarence House, the home of Prince Charles. Guests who can afford the £30,000 a night price tag will be living like royalty, enjoying free run of areas like the Throne Room, the Tapestry Room and the Queen Anne Room.

Superyachts are another option available to luxury travelers. Guests will have to pay anywhere between £2,000 and £11,000 a day for their spots on luxury yachts. The boats are expected to dock at Canary Wharf and the Royal Docks and provide guests with an incredibly luxurious experience. As if the excitement of the Olympics were not enough, guests will enjoy plenty of entertainment, and can choose from fine menus of high-end food and beverages. 24-hour butler services are another plus. Also on offer is a speedboat service to ferry passengers to the Olympic Park via the Thames. And if a guest needs a tailor, a helicopter or a jeweler, that can always be arranged. After all, the Olympics is a special event that calls for special treatment.

Via: The Telegraph

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