Shelter Co. Promises the Most Luxurious Camping Experience and More

People who love the outdoors are always planning the next camping trip. The whole experience can be very exciting but it is advisable to go out with the right gear and equipment otherwise everything that can go wrong goes wrong. You could end up skipping dinner while pitching the tent in the dark. And still the tent could fall apart on top of you in the middle of the night. You could have critters ravage your campsite and instead of relaxing in the camp you end up cleaning the garbage. Shelter Co. knows what’s not so great about camping and that’s why they have developed their wilderness retreat that is designed to take away all the hassles from camping and make it one of the most relaxing experience for you and your family.

The wilderness retreat developed by Shelter and Co. strikes a perfect balance between the luxurious glamping and the traditional rough and tumble on the ground camping. The company has positioned its product as a ‘pop up lodging service catering to groups looking for an outdoor experience’. It is not just a product but a product developed to provide the service. You may choose the location yourself or take Shelter Co’s help and expert opinion in selecting a suitable spot. After that the company takes over and with professional logistics at their disposal they move the tents, bathroom facilities and furniture to the selected spot. The company is based in California but its co-founder Kelsey Sheofsky clarified that they can provide the service anywhere by adding the travel fee from California.

The tents provided by Shelter Co. are European canvas tents that are designed like lodge retreats. The floors are fully carpeted and full beds are placed in the tents. The beds are covered in comforters and 400 count sheets. They also provide lounge seating in the tents. That hardly sounds like roughing it out in the wilderness. The company provides other services also for additional charge. They provide food catering, event planning and activities. They can even arrange for an outdoor movie theater and wine-tasting nature tours. The basic tent costs $750, however there are many package offers on their website including those for weddings and corporate retreats.

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