A Sensational Sofa by Boca do Lobo Captures the Essence of 17th Century

Boca do Lobo has built up a reputation for themselves for their abstract, but rather aesthetic ornamentation of safes and cabinets. The Heritage sideboard and the Millionaire safe are a case in point which was highly appreciated by the industry and the experts. They firmly believe in the dictum of ‘We strive to encourage sensational experience’ and are always creating something that is sensational and something that has never been attempted before. Their latest creative initiative takes them back to the 17th century. They have created a limited edition Versailles sofa set.

It is evident that they are at their best here. This is what they love to do. It is the classical furniture design directly from the 17th century French court. It is awe inspiring like a piece of artwork. This ornamental furniture is a classic piece and has been priced at $22,708 (€17,300) and only a limited number of set will be produced and made available for sale. The 17th century French Courts, which were also the centers for Pagan art and grandeur of that age and this set captures the spirit very well.

The details about the fabrication and creation of the sensational sofa have not been declared as yet. From the looks of it the sofa seems to have been carved out of marble. It is perhaps the hardest material and must have demanded the most tenacious craftsmanship. The corners of the sofa have been finished very neatly. The ornamentation and the detailing is awesome and the perfect representation of the era. However, it is the backrest that is the highlight of the sofa and truly sensational in terms of design. But what makes the sofa truly royal is the blue velvet cushion and seating. There have been many other examples of ornamental furniture but this sensational sofa has raised the bar and others are sure to follow.

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