Four Seasons Spa in Florence is Offering a Two Hour Gold Facial

Four Seasons Spa has developed very exciting and innovative treatments for affluent customers who can afford to pay for it. Their Spa in Florence, Italy has introduced a 24 Karat gold treatment. It is basically a facial that promises to bring aglow to your face that no other treatment in a spa can ensure. The treatment is a two hour long process and you can rest assured that they can be the most luxurious two hours you have ever experienced. At a cost of $547 the treatment is not cheap but the real gold used for the treatment hydrates and revitalizes your skin and makes it more firm so that it appears lighter.

Gold is known for its beautifying properties and there is a history of kings and emperors using it for various treatments. This facial treatment leverages the properties of the precious metal to firm up the skin and reduce wrinkles from your face. The best part of the treatment is that the golden glow on your face becomes immediately visible. You walk out of the spa after the two hour treatment not just feeling but looking fresher. Gold is known to be rich in vitamins.

This luxurious gold treatment is designed in such a way that the vitamins in the gold go to the deepest layers of the skin. The result is a rejuvenated skin and a natural glow on the face. Spas across the world are increasingly using gold in the new innovations they are bringing to their treatments. It has become a very competitive business and in order to retain your clientele and for attracting new customers they have to keep devising new treatments that delivers a new and exclusive experience.

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