SkyTechSport: Cool Skiing Simulator

Many indoor snow centres offer several alternatives to prepare well in advance for skiing holiday , but without effective ski simulator. But the lessons from SkyTec Interactive ski and snowboard will make you confident in sheer slope with SkyTechSport. With the practice of carving technique from the very first lesson helps you to feel the position of body and knees which are guided or corrected at each moment.

Germany based SkyTec Interactive this month unveiled its indoor ski resort with virtual ski simulation in Beverly Hills, the United States. The system includes a pair of skis or snowboard mounted on to the rails, sensors and a computer system; engage the user to the virtual ski environment.

You could practice well with this awesome technique without depending on climate for the upcoming winter. The ski simulator offers real simulation of G forces on the real slope which makes your learning lesson much better. By edging the skis, you could make turns following arc where certain physical forces are involved. SkyTec simulators not only improve your muscle power, it provides endless opportunities for work out and exercises to develop coordination in body movements with flexibility. It is also targeted to improve the systems like lungs and heart.

The safety systems prevent you from the risk of falling unexpectedly. The training on simulator makes you less tired when you are on real slopes and make you enjoy the skiing holiday. The software based 3D engine helps you to adjust snow conditions, irregularities of skiing mode. You could own this most expensive ski resort which retails between US$20,000 and $100,000.

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