Sweden To Get The World’s Largest Indoor Ski Resort In The Form Of Skipark 360

One of the most exciting and thrilling winter sports is skiing,  which has now become not only an international sport, but has also been intensely vital to the hospitality industry with  numerous ski resorts across the globe entertaining thousands of guests. As with any vertical, change and a rather unusual change always gathers a lot of attention and the same has happened in the realm of ski resorts, as one of the most renowned destinations in the world, Sweden is all set to get the world’s largest indoor ski resort in the form of the all new ‘Skipark 360’, scheduled to be completed by the year 2013. This magnificent one of a kind ski resort will be designed and developed by CF Møller Architects and will also be the location of the skiing World Cup. However, the most astounding element of this indoor ski resort will be the indoor ski slope that will stand at about 525 feet in height and will measure a staggering 2,297 feet in length.

The Skipark 360 will be located in Balsta, which is about 45 minutes away from Stockholm and the structure is being constructed due to the conditions created by climate change, where in the once thick icy slopes now do not have enough snow for skiing. Apart from being a foremost tourist spot and the host to the World Cup, Skipark 360 will also be used by the nation’s athletes all year long for practice sessions. This remarkable ski resort will provide the guests and visitors with a 2.2 mile cross country skiing tunnel along with enough room to conduct a variety of activities including biathlons, ice hockey, bandy and figure skating. The facility will feature space for snowboarding and will come with its very own restaurants, shops, spa, hotel and conference facilities. The entire structure is being designed to be completely self-sufficient and will meet its power requirements from a variety of renewable sources of energy such as geothermal heating, solar power, wind power and hydro power, with an estimated construction cost of a staggering $219 million to $292 million.


Via Design Boom

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