Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Provides true Hotel Style Service

Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel is the luxury feline resort in Welwyn Garden City. It is no surprise that the hotel has received a very good response from pet lovers since the hotel opened its doors for its feline guests in 2010. After all which pet lover would not want to pamper their kitten? The hotel has positioned itself as a home away from home for the cats but it is in fact way ahead of that as it can be billed as a haven for all felines. It is a true luxury hotel for pets.

The luxurious 5-Star Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel provides the best accommodation for felines. The features and amenities provided by the hotel is no less than a luxury hotel for humans. The hotel boasts of heated rooms, luxury bedding, gourmet food, and of course the much needed scratch posts. The hotel provides the best treatments and service to their guests. All the meals for their guests are served in bone china only. Normally the cats are checked into the hotel when their owners are away. But the cats rarely miss them as the hotel staff really pamper them silly.

The hotel for felines is dedicated to giving their guests a luxurious stay and true hotel style service. Your cat is assured of a perfect stress free stay in most luxurious surroundings. The luxury lovers are opting for the hotel in big numbers and making bookings much in advance along with their bookings for the vacations. The Longcroft hotel has already received bookings for Christmas 2013. Abi Purser, the founder and the owner of the hotel is a happy man and is overwhelmed with the response. He has already started planning for expansion and is working on offering franchise for the hotel and is actively looking for partners.

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