TravelTeq Travel Towels are Larger, Lighter and More Absorbent

If you create something unique or something which is best in its category then people will notice it. A creation of that standard will naturally sport a price tag which is not simply the highest but much higher than comparable products in the market. You now have a beach towel made from Irish linen and available on TravelTeq. They have established them selves in the field of luxury travel with their range of luxury travel accessories. The travel towel is handmade in Amsterdam and is really big in size with dimensions of 2 meter by 1.45 meter. The uniqueness of the towel doesn’t end here but actually starts here.

The manufacturers had the zeal to create the best towel in the world. They sourced the best Irish linen and designed a towel that is not only the best but most practical to use when you are traveling. The very large towel comes in two colors, Navy blue and light blue. Apart from its size the towel features very conveniently placed compartments that can hold your wallet, iPad or the book that you are reading at the time. There is a larger compartment that can even hold your swimwear.

The large size of the towel ensures that you don’t touch the sand even while enjoying the sun at the beach. The towel is much lighter than any other beach towel that you might have seen or used. It is twenty times more absorbent than ordinary towels and most importantly it doesn’t hold sand. Its fabric dries faster and becomes very soft after some use. Some people might have issues with its price of $123 but this TravelTeq Travel Towel is not competing with the $10 towels. This towel has created a category of its own.

Via: wired, travelteq

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