Christmas Gift: Bang & Olufsen Introduces The All New Bang & Olufsen CD Ripper

Ripping tracks off of a CD is not that difficult, but it surely turn into a rather mundane track. Steps in Bang & Olufsen, considered to be the finest name in the field of state of the art audio & video products, has now come out with an all new Bang & Olufsen CD Ripper. Perfectly suited as Christmas gift this holiday season for music lovers and creators alike, this one of a kind device is essentially a revamped variant of the immensely popular Beosound 5 music controlling system. What Bang & Olufsen has accomplished here is that, it has provided the BeoSound 5 with CD ripping capabilities, thus enabling the users to create library of their favorite tracks, while creating an on-demand music environment.  To make use of the CD Ripper, all you have to do is to insert the music CD into the BeoSound 5 system and the device automatically extracts the songs, while transferring them to its on board memory. This fantastic system even copies the album art and attach it to the tracks, while also storing important information such as artist names and track name.

Bang Olufsen is been greatly revered in the luxury audio sector, with its long line of both audio and video products, such as the Bang & Olufsen 3DTV, as well as the recently announced 2011 holiday collection. There is also a very heavy presence of the company in the field of luxury automobiles, whether it be the luxurious Aston Martin One-77 or a superyacht. The all new fabulous BeoSound CD Ripper provides remarkable playback of ripped tracks, where in the system plays the audio in digital quality sound, thereby greatly enhancing the listening experience. This particular BeoSound 5 system has been designed as a wall mounted system, while the wiring itself has been created to be concealed, so as to preserve the aesthetics of your living room or any other room where you might wish to install it.

According to Rie Kold Pripso (Product Manager, Bang& Olufsen),

“The new ripping device appeals to those, who could be enticed by a nice and convenient way of ripping music and would prefer not to start up a computer to do it.”

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