Iguana 29 Is An Independent Ten-Seater Amphibious Vehicle

The Iguana 29 is a new amphibious vehicle that promises easy transition from the land to the water. Even a decade ago, the amphibious vehicle would have been an oddity. Today, vehicles like the Amphibious 1000, the Dutton Mariner Amphibious Car, the Amphibious Hydrocar and the Amphibious Yacht from Terra Wind are of interest, but hardly vehicles to emerge out of science fiction.

The ten-seater Iguana 29 especially, is no fiction. This stunning amphibious car was inspired by the troubles faced by boat owners in Antoine Brigdou, a town in France. Boat operators had to regularly struggle to take their boats to water, because the tide often went out for miles. Pushing a boat through the rocks and sandbanks is a tough task. However, the Iguana 29 can make this job so much easier. The amphibious vehicle runs on retractable caterpillar tracks throughout its land journey, and then quickly shifts into boat mode when it hits the water. Unlike other amphibious vehicles, the Iguana 29 can move from land to water and vice versa in complete independence.

The 40 hp onshore engine and optimum ground pressure ensure that the Iguana 29 can tackle even the most challenging terrain and reaches speeds of upto 8 kmph. On water, the top speed is 35 knots. Moreover, the Iguana 29 switches to electric-only mode in environmentally sensitive areas. It is a great option for a leisure watercraft, for you can dock practically anywhere. But the Iguana 29 is also ideal for transportation of goods and can be used as a tender. Interested buyers will have to pay $287,000 for this amphibious machine.

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