First Semi Submerged Hotel in Qatar is Named Amphibious 1000

Luxury is all about letting your imagination fly or go under water. Qatar is taking the second option and developing a project which is the first of its kind. It is a semi submerged hotel. You might have heard about an amphibious car but this is definitely the first amphibious hotel. They have named it Amphibious 1000 and it is designed to resemble a big aquatic animal stretching out from the land into the sea. The unique project has been designed by Giancarlo Zema Design Group. It is an architecture studio based in Rome and specializes in yacht designs, floating habitats and semi submerged architectural structures.

Founded in 2001 by architect Giancarlo Zema, the studio uses cutting edge technology and design software to provide stunning solutions. The Amphibious 1000 comprises of a land section and a sea section. It is a semicircular design with a tower in the centre and structures situated around it in a semi circle. The project costing $500 million is being implemented by Seaquest Marine Technology Plc. The land section of the project has residential buildings, office buildings and a marina with a modern and flexible harbor. The tower in the centre will house the restaurant and boast of panoramic views.

The hotels are in the sea section of the project. Guests will stay in the 80 floating semi submerged suites which are called jelly fish. The guests will enjoy stunning underwater views within the artificial reefs. The four hotels are designed to look like superyachts anchored on land. There is a central public welcome area which features an interactive museum and a glass tunnel that leads a visitor to the underwater observatory in the centre of the marine park. Only electric vehicles will be used in the area to move on the land and 20 meter aluminum yachts powered by hydrogen engines will be used for water transport.

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