The Rich bypass the Waitlist by Paying a Premium

The rich don’t like to wait and are willing to pay a premium for jumping the queue. So now you have a service provider who helps you get what you want without getting into a waitlist. Dhiaa al Essa of Saudi Arabia with a grandfather worth over £1.5 billion is also one of those who can afford not to put down a deposit with his local car dealership and join an 18 month waiting list for the supercar of his choice. And this is where Shaun Williams comes in with BestPriceCarBuyers(dot)com who can arrange what seems to be impossible.

Shaun is a quiet operator who sources supercars for the richest people on this planet. Dhiaa also ended up paying £290,000 for a £245,000 supercar which was delivered immediately without being on the waitlist. Shaun provides an important service for the rich who want a car without the wait. They generally don’t have the time to keep an eye on the market. By the time you see a new car debut at a motor show, it is too late. Even if you contact a dealer immediately you are sure to find a place way down on the wait list.

Shaun, who is based in Somerset has spent 20 years in car sales. The fortunate few who are at the top of the waiting list of the latest supercar are all his clients. He is in touch with all of them and so knows who wants to sell and for how much. His job is to get the seller and the buyer together. He makes between £2,000 and £10,000 for his services. Dhiaa’s choice of bright orange Lamborghini was sourced in Europe by Shaun. It was shipped to UK first and then flown to Riyadh.

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