Sabbia unveils Swarovski studded bathtubs for luxury bubble bath experiences

We have seen gadgets like cellphones and tablets being decked by gold and Swarovski crystals and other precious materials. But this jewel quest of artists didn’t seem to end at just technology products. Sabbia, a name long known for creating luxury bathtubs has doled out an exclusive array of Swarovski studded bath tubs.

The luxury limited edited collection comes decked with as much as 4030 hand applied Swarovski crystals. this exclusive bathtub here is crafted out of Sandstone technology which involves applying mineral material to create artistic masterpieces. This is an environmentally friendly  technique delivers a a near to nature feel for the owner of the creations. As the images suggest, these tubs are meant to cater the luxury lifestyle needs of people with aesthetic sense. It was put up for display in House Shopping Park in Brasilia for the period of November 17th to 28th, followed by the exhibitions in Rio and Sao Paulo. The makers haven’t let out the word on pricing as yet but let us hope that it will be out very soon.

With Christmas around the corner, many speculate that this year’s Christmas might not be that blingy after all owing to the slump in European markets but that doesn’t seem to scare luxury artists at the moment. This bathtub isn’t the first of its kind for we have earlier seen Supernova luxury bathroom in the past. But just as a personal choice, I would any given day prefer donning jewels on my neck than have them stuck to the place where I have my bubble bath.


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