$150,000 poker set has chips decked with meteorites

We have seen a lot of stuff getting that the precious Swarovski and gold treatment. everything from USB gadgets to bathtubs have been recreated by artists as an collector’s item. But when it comes to blingy expensive poker sets, there have been only few in this niche. Here is a poker set that swings on a new horizon of luxury poker sets. This one is from STAHL and is inspired the concept of an asteroid that circled around in our universe for billions of years before it made its final flight to northern Sweden as much as 800,000 years ago and thus becoming a meteorite. The ancient remain from Big Bang now form a part of the Meteorite Set.
Through this poker set, it is said that this is closest the mankind can get to the cooled core of a planet. The makers boast that in the production of the chips a solid peice of Muonionalusta meteorite has been used the original weight of which is around 137 kgs. Every single chip here is encrusted in all sorts of gemstones you can think of like diamonds, Burmese rubies, Sri Lankan Sapphires and others. They come encased in 18k white gold and contains a calibrated slice of Muonionalusta meteorite exhibiting the unique Widmanstatten pattern.
The makers will be selling these in a chic leather briefcase  which has its exterior made from Swedish calf skin whereas the interior is made up of reindeer calf suede. On the lid, inside the briefcase, there is a large circular slice of Muonionalusta which was cut from the same piece of rough that used in the gaming chips. While STAHL hasn’t made up his mind on the price yet, Christie’s is putting an estimated price tag of $100,000 – $150,000 here. Those who love to play poker, this could be the ultimate thing they could think of. Here the chips itself would be more than the amount of money they’d represent. You might want to do a bit of a background check because you wouldn’t want your friends to run away with this one.

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