Wiesmann Gives The BMW Roadster MF5 A Batmobile-Like Makeover

Most people, superhero fans or otherwise, dream of driving the Batmobile. Batman‘s famous set of wheels is arguably one of the coolest cars in the business. But since getting your hands on a Batmobile will be difficult, try the next best thing – the Wiesmann Roadster MF5.

Now powered by the BMW V8 twin-turbo engine, the MF5 has been modified inside and out. German tuner Wiesmann has been bringing their exciting car designs to BMW vehicles over the past two decades. And the new MF5 roadster is a stunning example. BMW may have launched the MF5 in three metallic shades – white, silver and black. But the Wiesmann brothers decided to give the car a trendy new turn. They redesigned the luxury car in a matte black color, giving it an unmistakable Batman look.

The exterior panels being painted in the matte black coloring is only the beginning of this elaborate redesign venture. But the German tuner takes its design sensibilities into the interiors of this striking BMW vehicle as well. Contrast stitching creates an incredibly exciting touch on the insides of the car. The jet-black wheels add to the overall effect, convincing onlookers that although this is no Batmobile, Batman himself would be pleased as punch to drive around in one of these.

The BMW roadster reaches speeds of 62 mph in only 3.5 seconds. In 10 seconds, expect to zoom to 124 mph. The top speed on the Wiesmann Roadster MF5 is a whopping 193 mph. The price is just as staggering. Only the seriously well-heeled car enthusiast can afford the 184,000-euro starting price for the standard MF5 model. The matte black styling will cost extra.

Via: BMW Blog

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