The World’s First & Only Turbine Powered Batmobile Now Available on eBay

In the month of July this year, one of the foremost names in custom vehicle design, Putsch Racing, took the world of automobiles as well as the immensely huge fan base of Batman with a storm, as the firm introduced the world’s first and only turbine powered Batmobile. Not only this fabulous vehicles gave tribute to one of the ultimate rides ever to have been conceived in the comics world, but the all new Batmobile brought the fans closer to one they have seen and dreamt about for years. Now, this unique and fully functional turbine powerd Batmobile has been put up for sale on eBay with an asking price of a whopping $620,000, while Putsch Racing has also left the offer to be negotiated via an auction model. The engine for this larger than life Batmobile is a Boeing turboshaft engine providing 365 hp, while the car has been given a steel tubular space as well as a monocoque chassis.

The turbine powered Batmobile features digital avionics and the controls of the car can even be handled via a centrally mounted Apple iPad tablet with 3G connectivity. As the engine has been taken from a military helicopter, Putsch Racing has stated that the vehicle requires minimal of maintenance and service, while the height of the car can be adjusted from within the cockpit, just as featured in various Lamborghini supercars. This magnificent Batmobile for sale has been designed to provide consistent performance on both the highway as well as city streets, while the car itself comes with some of the most hit-tech gizmos including satellite Internet and pneumatic suspension system.

Via Moto Finity

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