Japan’s Most Expensive Whisky Has A ¥1 million Price Tag

Five decades ago, the first drops of the Yamazaki 50 Years Old were poured into casks in Japan’s Yamazaki region in Kyoto Prefecture. As it emerges out of storage in 2011, the Yamazaki 50 Years Old has the unique distinction of being the most expensive whisky in Japan, a spirit that only millionaires can afford.

Japan’s Most Expensive Whisky

The Yamazaki 50 Years Old sits within casks crafted out of a fragrant and leaky Japanese oak, a wood known as mizunara. The whisky itself looks spectacular. The reddish amber color is a feast for the eyes. Created by Japanese brewing company Suntory, the Yamazaki 50 Years Old has opening notes of overripe fruit. As you dig deeper, you will find hints of fragrant aloeswood, followed by faintly smokey endnotes.

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Is it really that costly though? That will depend entirely on your budget constraints, and on whether you think ¥1 million ($12,970) a bottle is affordable. Far as I can tell, the exorbitant price tag places this whisky among the most expensive spirits of the world.

Sourcing A Bottle

If the money factor is not an issue and you can spare ¥1 million for 700 milliliters of this expensive spirit, get your money ready. The Yamazaki 50 Years Old will be launched a month later, on 13 December. But you can get in on the action sooner. Suntory has already begun taking pre-orders via department stores. But you may have to hurry. Only 150 limited edition bottles of the Yamazaki 50 Years Old are being released.

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