Master of Malt Unveils World’s Oldest and Expensive Whisky

Master of Malt has come across a treasure trove which is more than a hundred year old, it is a rare treasure which all spirits lovers will love to behold. Master of Malt is launching world’s oldest whiskey which was distilled way back in 1906 and was accidentally discovered by a Scottish historian 8 months ago. Master of Malt is all set so sell it for a whopping price of £870,000! It is indeed a steep price for a bottle of rare whiskey but it comes with an interesting history. It is a rare tale of survival makes it priceless and precious.

Apparently whiskey was found inside single ceremonial cask in the basement of the historian Allie Sisell who contacted Master of Malt. Master of Malt researched and stumbled upon interesting facts such as it was distilled on 17th February in 1906 at Aisla T’Orten distillery which was operational only for a day because a fire destroyed it soon after. This ceremonial cask made of Sherry Butt seems to have survived fire and passage of Time. Master of Malt acquired this historic whiskey from the historian and bottled it after storing away little of it for historical records. Whiskey which was distilled in 1906 was officially bottled on 8th March 2011 and it is now up for sale for record price of £870,000!

Apparently the price is precisely the cost of the distillery which was destroyed after single production. So in a way the distillery seems to have been set up only for producing one bottle of whiskey which has magically survived and is waiting for its rightful owner after a century!

Via Sun Herald

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