Air Travel Is More Luxurious When You Take The Airbus A320 Prestige

Wealthy travelers enjoy the best of all worlds when traveling by air. Flying enthusiasts can try their hand at virtual flying by trying the SX02 Flight Simulator, an exciting experience that will leave you poorer by $9,500. But why should you make all that effort when you can sit back and relax on a luxury jet? Zurich-based charter company Comlux recently unveiled a luxurious new jet that goes by the name of Airbus A320 Prestige.

Do not get the Airbus A320 mixed up with the Airbus A380, once the world’s biggest passenger plane airbus. The Airbus A320 Prestige is built for passengers, but only 19 of them. After all, luxury is not quite luxury without a generous dose of exclusivity. And Comlux’s Airbus A320 has just the right amount.

Dedicated To Luxury

Comlux’s prime focus while commissioning the Airbus A320 Prestige was to ensure luxury. As you enter this luxury jet, you cannot help gaping at the design. This does not look like the inside of the airplane. It is more like a narrow drawing area, maybe the lobby of a luxury hotel.

The interior design is subtly elegant. The color palette is derived from the hues of the desert. Pale browns, beiges and blues abound. There is a VIP Lounge in the main room, furnished with an L-shaped diwan, two club seats, and a dining table that can accommodate six. VIP guests can also relax in a private compartment during the day or grab a good night’s sleep on a large double bed. This private lounge also features an attached bathroom with a shower.

Other Essentials

There is a spacious cargo hold, ensuring that guests can literally carry their world along. There is also internet access, GSM, touch-screens, iPod/iPhone and mood-lighting.

When the superrich take a flight, they really travel in style. Would you add anything to the Airbus A320 Prestige?

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