Embraer Phenom 300 Luxury Jet Takes You to Dizzying Heights

Embraer Phenom 300 is being touted as the hottest new toy for grown ups. No it is not something that you would insert in every crevice of your body, and fantasize about things that you would not tell your mother about, but involves flying in the air. In fact, Howie Martin has described this cool luxury jet as the coolest and funnest thing to do with your clothes on.

It costs $8.6 million, and lives up to its dizzying heights that it promises to take you to. The Brazilian-made light jet has been revamped and turned into a luxury jet that can soar really high. It comes with cool stuff like Wi-Fi, satellite telephones, LED lighting, leather seats, a burl wood trim and next-generation Doppler radar. It costs about $4300 to operate the jet for an hour, which means, you could actually buy a small car with that amount of money.

Well, we are talking about multi millions and not people who buy small cars. There could be a huge market for people who would spend on aircrafts like these, and I am sure you would want to go and buy this flight no matter what. There is no clear cut way to make sure you can lay your hands on it, unless you are a really important person who can afford to buy it or at least even let you look at it. If you would like to go ahead, and fly, you should really be buying a private jet.. So go ahead, and do it!

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