He Captures Men’s Fashion In His Words: G. Bruce Boyer

G. Bruce Boyer is an institution in the world of fashion. He may not be a fashion designer, but people hang on his every word. He has been writing about men’s fashion for over 35 years. Now 70, Boyer is awaiting the release of his latest book, “Gary Cooper: Enduring Style”, this month. The book captures the style and impeccable fashion sense of the Hollywood superstar. Boyer collaborated on the book with Cooper’s daughter Maria Cooper Janis. The book even has a foreword by Ralph Lauren. Clearly, Boyer still has a lot on his plate.

Diving Into Fashion

Incredibly, this fashion guru was once a literature professor at DeSales University. In 1973, he took a gamble, leaving his job to work for Town & Country magazine. The rest was history. The former college professor went on to write for magazines like the New Yorker, Esquire and Harper’s Bazaar, and built a career out of dissecting the sensibilities of men in the fashion limelight.

By the 1970s, the modern pioneers of men’s style and fashion were just starting out. People like Pierre Cardin, Hardy Amies, and later Armani and Ralph Lauren were making a name for themselves. Boyer’s timing, like his writing, was impeccable.

Fashion In Words

According to Boyer, men’s fashion demands a different manner of writing compared to women’s fashion. He says, “It shouldn’t be just about getting rid of an old wardrobe and buying new things.” Boyer brings his own style to the business of fashion writing. Many years ago, the then editor of Town & Country had appreciated Boyer’s fashion writing, because unlike others, he took an “intelligent approach”.

Today, Boyer continues to read up on the fashion business. Being 70 does not keep him away from the Internet. He reads fashion blogs, and admits that some bloggers are better informed than he is. However, he worries that many such bloggers do not seem to enjoy clothes. Enjoying fashion in all its aspects has ensured that Boyer remains someone to reckon with in the fashion industry. Despite his age, he is in no danger of losing the thread.

Clothing Is Serious Business

One of the reasons why Boyer remains relevant is because he gives sufficient seriousness to the business of clothing. He says that people do not pay much attention to clothing. However, he stresses that despite people’s attitudes, clothes do play a role in our lives. There can be no arguing when he says, “we make decisions based on people’s appearances.”

At the same time, he warns against taking it too seriously. “Clothing is not everything in life and it won’t solve problems of famine and overpopulation,” he says.

Luxury Today

Boyer is also concerned that despite the modern demand for luxury products, “real luxury and real craftsmanship” is on the wane. He rues that true tailors and shoemakers are a dying breed in America, even as awareness about brands like Hermes and Edward Green increases.

However, Boyer finds reason for optimism in the East. He says that this is the shining moment for custom tailoring in the orient. He finds it interesting that Asian designers are using English and Italian lines and patterns but infusing them with their own style. Boyer believes, “That’s where the future is.”

Via: The Wall Street Journal

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