Spitbank Fort Costs $38,000 a Night

One of the craziest places to blow your money has to be the Spitbank Fort which lies off the coast of Portsmouth Harbour. It is located a mile offshore and can be accessed only by a boat. The idea was to convert the old Grade II heritage structure in a sort of luxury haven where the rich could go and hide for a couple of days.

You could also take a look at the Buckingham Palace. Even for the richest of the rich, this could be a sort of tall order. It doesn’t really look attractive from the inside or the outside, though it has had a renovation of almost 3 million. It comes with 9 bedrooms, a library, a swimming pool in the open air that’s heated and a lot more. It also has access to ground water thanks to a well that is located more than 400 feet below sea level.

The fort also has a gym, a sauna and a place to take sunbaths. The facilities are pretty cool, and you would find everything that you would find in a luxury hotel. The only difference is that you would be spending a lot of money for just one night. In fact, each night at Spitbank Fort costs $38,000 and could be a little too much to ask for, just to live in an old forty. Of course, you could tell yourself that you are the king of that castle at least for one night. I would say, if you have the money stay here!

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