Book Suggests Buckingham Palace Could Become A Historic Hotel

As if his royal lineage was not enough, Prince Charles could soon make it into the history books for another reason. There are claims that the Crown Prince could move all monarchical operations to Windsor Castle once he becomes king. This would mean leaving Buckingham Palace. And in the years to come, this symbol of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign could well be on its way to becoming a hotel of sorts. A new book by Andrew Marr has revealed Prince Charles’ purported intentions to move the seat of power from Buckingham Palace. Marr, who is a respected British journalist, discussed as much in his new book, “The Diamond Queen: Elizabeth II and Her People”. If the move does take place, it will probably be Prince Charles’ way of asserting his own authority. As it is the Prince currently holds the unenviable distinction of longest serving heir to the throne.

Marr, a BBC broadcaster and author, says in his book that Buckingham Palace could in fact turn into a historic hotel and events center. An extract from the book was released prior to publication, and it had some interesting things to say. One was that the royal family under Charles’ reign would completely leave Buckingham Palace, “leaving it as a kind of grand official government hotel and centre for events.” In the extract, Marr also said, “The king would base himself not in London but at Windsor Castle.”

However, it appears that spokespersons for Clarence House – which is where Prince Charles currently lives – are denying any such move. Perhaps the traditionalists will criticize the move away from Buckingham. But from the tourism point of view, this could be a good thing.

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