Philips Creates Futuristic Microbial Home Concept Design

Philips has recently unveiled its futuristic “Microbial Home” concept design at Dutch Design Week which is being held at Piet Hein Eek Gallery from October 22 to October 30. Philips “Microbial Home” taps all kinds of recycled alternative energy resources from natural waste from a household. Right from bathroom sewers to solid kitchen waste everything is recycled and transformed into bio-energy to light up home and energize different appliances.

The Philips Microbial Home concept is extremely futuristic for it even incorporates idea of bio-lights that use bacteria to convert waste energy into light. The design concept also includes a bee-hive to produce honey. It’s a mini smart self – sustaining eco-system right in the kitchen of a modern home. Though the idea of recycling bathroom sewer waste to make fuel to cook may sound outlandish and repelling but one cannot just deny that designers have come up with innovative ideas in the context of futuristic times where humanity will run out of natural resources and we will be forced to extract energy even from our own body waste.

Designers are not indulging in doomsday prediction of what it will be through this design but are rather presenting a truly elegant microbial ecofriendly self-sustaining home. The inspiration for the design is nature itself, for this is how eco-systems work and this is the energy cycle that needs to be fixed.  Philips “Microbial Home” concept is definitely scientific but sadly it is not realistic as yet. Let us hope green energy becomes viable and affordable soon.

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