Luxury Real Estate: 07620, Alpine, New Jersey Up For Grabs At $53 Million

Property Name
: The Stone Mansion.

Location: Frick Estate, 07620, Alpine, New Jersey

Listed Price: $53 Million

Luxury is indeed quite an addictive virtue that once you get hooked too, there is seldom any turning back. Luxury homes represent the very elite of class and panache that play a vital role in defining your taste for exclusivity. One of the most exclusive and prestigious zip codes in Alpine, New Jersey, 07620 is now in the spotlight yet again for as a magnificent real estate has now been made available for purchase. The Stone Mansion at the Frick Estate has now  been re-listed for sale carrying a massive price tag of $53 million. This particular upscale zip code Alpine region is best renowned for its increasing number of luxury homes for sale and the mansion in question is wrapped around with the 60 acre Frick Estate, offering the owners utmost privacy and a class unparalleled. The Alpine region is one of the most flourishing locations in terms luxury real estate, where in the median home price for this zip code begins from $4.5 million.

The Stone Mansion is sprawled across 30,000 square feet of prime land and has been designed  by the renowned architect, James Paragano. This gorgeous, behemoth of a mansion features 12 spacious bedrooms and even comes with seven fireplaces to keep the occupants warm and cozy. The private study of the Stone Mansion features a 30-foot arched ceiling and this luxury mansion comes with its own separate grand ball room, a conservatory and a plethora of living as well as dining areas. The owner of the Stone Mansion can accommodate his or her guests in a separate guest wing, while the staff of the mansion have their own staff quarters. This magnificent residence carries exquisite chandeliers worth an astounding $2 million, while the mansion features some of the most entertaining and relaxing amenities, such as a professional basketball court, movie theater, refrigerated wine cellar, fitness center and even an elevator. On the outside, the Stone Mansion comes with heated pool & spa, tennis courts and a massive garage capable of accommodating up to eleven luxury cars. You can view a more comprehensive listing for the Stone Mansion at Sotheby’s official webpage.

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