Maxine Snider Designs Classic Furniture For The Modern Home

Designer Maxine Snider has made a name for herself in the bespoke furniture business by creating pieces that are light and exceptionally delicate. She began this trend in 1998. Initially Snider created entire collections of luxury furniture. But in time, she decided to do away with the collection concept and focus on individual pieces of furniture instead. The Chicago-based designer has already launched three offerings for the fall of 2011 – the Library Desk, the New Hampshire Settee and the Gambit Table.

Snider has always been hugely inspired by furniture of the 1920s and 1930s. Her fall designs are no different. Her new Library Desk bears a new point of difference, however. Instead of the incredibly light designs that she is known for, Snider decided on a more hardy look for the new desk. However, other similarities persist. This desk is also inspired by the early 1900s. Snider used quartered walnut and bronze to build this table that also serves as a bookshelf.

Most library desks feature unimaginative back ends. Snider took recourse to the early 20th century style where the back of the table offered space to keep books and decorative objects. Her 2011 Library Desk is therefore a brilliant, multifunctional piece of furniture with prices starting from $12,500.

Another eye-catcher is the sleek new Gambit coffee table, with its polished metal base and interlocking parts. Available in either bronze or stainless steel, prices for the Gambit coffee table start from $6,000. The New Hampshire Settee also costs about the same with prices starting from $6,500. Snider’s take on the classic Chippendale pattern gives this piece a more contemporary flair.

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