Baroque Bookshelves Turn Your House Into a Bibliographical Arty Library

Though we desire minimalist approach in our daily lives, we still are attracted to the timeless styles and trends of interiors which often go back to our roots. The common bookshelf usually gives the idea of just a boring rectangular shape without imagination, but we find Munkii book shelf is a unique product with elegant shape, has aesthetic and functions remarkably well and has a movement in design.

Attention drawer, vintage bookshelf is the blend of baroque period design with simple contemporary style. The book shelf is recently launched by Singapore based, furniture company ‘ Munkii’ designed by Jaren Goh. Jaren. The company was established in 2006 which had teamed up with designers to create furniture pieces.

The sentiments expressed in an innovative, traditional Baroque design, with elaborate curves, the bookshelf is designed in contemporary style. The striking contrast of creamy-white finish against dark shaded interior is perfect place for keeping the collection of books in style. You can show off your prized favorite book collections.

The vintage bookcase is suitable for parlors, libraries, or bedroom. Dimensionally the shelf is slightly bigger than usual household fixtures in size. It can be placed conveniently in any corner of the house. The shelf is crafted from eco-friendly MDF. The exterior of showcase is in glossy white coat and the interior is in matte grey or red.

The dimensions of the bookshelf are 41.3L x 12.2W x 77.2H” .It is priced at $3,200.00. If you find it more charming you could contact for more information at Munkii.




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