Jil Sander is the Latest Luxury Brand to Launch a Mobile Phone

The mobile phone is a mass product if you go by the sheer number of phones that are sold around the world every year. Generally the features and the technology are the differentiator for new releases and launches and still there is not much that separates one phone from the other. A section of people now feel the need to have a luxury phone that is more luxurious and exclusive than the others and it is not about having some more features alone. This is the demand that the designers are now coming forward to fill.

Luxury designer Jil Sander has launched a new mobile phone and they are another luxury brands that now offer technology as well as clothing and accessories. There are different kinds of technologies being used by different brands for their phones. The Jil Sander Mobile uses the Microsoft Windows Phone operating system, and runs the latest version of the software, codenamed Mango. Vertu has used Nokia technology all along and Tag Heuer uses Google Android technology. These brands manage to sell their phones routinely for thousands of dollars however the new Jil Sander Mobile is more affordable at only €300.

The phone by Jil Sander is basically an LG phone but the designer claims that they have managed to incorporate the brand aesthetic values of modernity, purity and understated luxury and made it into a unique design. They don’t consider the phone to be just another functional device but as a fashion accessory. The phone also features an exclusive app that allows the users to have a dynamic interface with the brands seasonal collections and some extra content. The new phone will be available on their online store and several other select outlets.

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