CGI Designed House In The U.K Goes Up For $117 Million Even Before Development

Computers for a long time have played quite a significant role in our society’s evolution and have brought the world of technology to whole new level. At the helm of this revolution stands computer generated imagery or CGI that enables us to bring our wildest and creative imagination straight to the electronic drawing board. This is exactly what’s happening in Central London, where in a massive luxury property is now being sold off for a whopping $117 million. However, the most astounding fact about this gorgeous mansion is that the price tag has been ascertained even before the development has begun and the price has been based solely on CGI images of the house. This opulent mansion that will be constructed on a one acre estates is located at a prime location that stands between Kensington Palace and Holland Park.

This incredibly unique property sale practice has stated that owner of the mansion will be able to design the interiors of the house exactly to his/her specifications and the payment for the house is being asked before the development. The sprawling mansion will feature a staggering 12 bedrooms including five bathroom showrooms. If this doesn’t pique your interest, then how about your personal reception hall? Yes! this incredibly lavish mansion is also offering a reception hall, staff accommodations, a large dining room, a library etc. The house will occupy around 30,000 feet of space and the architecture calls for tunnel connectivity between the guest house and main house, while the mansion itself will be featuring an indoor pool.

Via Curbed

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