Die Liebeskuemmerer Designs Group Tours for people Recovering from a Break up

Heartbreaks need time and space to heal. A change of environment is a big help. Die Liebeskuemmerer, in Germany have designed trips specifically for the heartbroken. It is neither a divorce package nor is it simply a trip designed for a single traveler but for those who are in the process of recovering from a recent break up. These getaways are comprehensive packages that also provide services of therapists, nutritionists and fitness coaches. It does not simply provide a change of scene but also an opportunity to travel and spend some time with people going through similar experience and some professional help to get over unpleasant experience.

Based in Berlin, Die Liebeskuemmerer has been inspired by Reise Ins Leben who organize group tours for those grieving the loss of a loved one. Die Liebeskuemmerer create getaways for groups of six to eight people. They encourage the development of a community that can share and strengthen each other. They believe that it develops a new network of supportive friends that sustains itself even after the trip is over. Normally, the getaways last between four to seven days. Their target market is not people of a particular age group but people who are in the same boat.

Men and women, both young and elderly who opt for their tours are helped to get back on their feet. The tours are supported by experienced psychologists, psychotherapists, health and styling coaches who guide the participants to get over their sense of loss or pain. The destination could be a remote cottage by the sea or a wellness resort or a retreat in a mountain. Custom trips can be designed for those who need instant escape from their situation. The prices vary according to the destination but on an average a four day trip would cost about 1,450 Euros.


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