Discard The Sour Memories Of A Divorce With Wedding Ring Burial Service, Courtesy Casa Velas Mexico

Regardless of whether a divorce has been instigated with mutual agreement or through a sheer disdain of one and another, this not-so-thrilling factual event always tends to leave a rather sour taste of memories. There is no such thing as a pleasant divorce, for the sole reason that it signals the end of a relationship that had culminated into the holy bonds of wedlock. However, for those of you who have unfortunately been the recipient of this blow, here is something that might make you cheer up a bit. Luxury resort Casa Velas in Mexico is now offering its guests who have gone through the cumbersome event of a divorce, a chance to move on with their lives with a unique new service. The Casa Velas features 80 luxurious suites that are designed in traditional Mexican fashion and carry sculptures from the famed Mexican sculptor Sergio Bustamantem apart from its renowned wedding proposal packages.

Nestled in the scenic region of Puerto Vallarta, this magnificent luxury resort has announced a new package called the ‘Divorcee Pakcage’, where provide the guests with a ceremonial burial of their wedding rings and that too in a gorgeous coffin, especially designed for the ceremony. The takers of the Divorcee Package will be provided accommodation in the resort’s Presidential Suite, along with five dear friends. Among other offerings, the guests will be taken on a trip across the town in a VIP fashion. Furthermore, the resort will also cater to a jewelry consultation, wherein you can redesign you ex wedding rings before the burial, thus signaling a fresh start. To ensure maximum healing, Casa Velas will also treat the divorcee to an exclusive session at the resort’s famed spas, as well as VIP transportation to and from the airport, along with a magnificent shopping tour. The Divorcee Package is available for a limited period only and ends on December 22nd, 2011, carrying a price tag of $350 per person per night.

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