C SEED Is The World’s Largest LED TV For Outdoor Viewing

The largest viewable outdoor television in the world has a backlit LED screen that measures 201 inches. That is one whopper of a TV set. The largest LED TV literally emerges out of the earth on a 15-foot-high pillar-shaped support column. When not in use, the seven large screen panels fold up and the C SEED retreats underground where it is stored in a waterproof shaft. The name says it all. This humongous television from Porsche Design Studio is like a seed that grows into a large tree. But really, it seems to have stepped out of some sci-fi movie.

Click on the remote to activate this giant television set, and it emerges out of the underground shaft, unfolds into its 201-inch avatar and is ready for viewing. All this within a minute. The C SEED has a wide rotating angle of up to 270 degrees. Users can rotate the screen accordingly to get the best viewing angle.

The C SEED is water-resistant, so it can withstand a drizzle. But its ultimate selling point is its 6mm pixel pitch, a quality that is unique to this LED television. As a result, viewers get a clear transmission during extra-bright days as well. The C SEED has a refresh rate of 100,000 Hz, which effectively boosts its performance by 500 times compared to a regular television.

Porsche Design Studio provided the design, while LED display technology company Lighthouse Technologies provided LED technology to create an extraordinary viewing experience. The C SEED is compatible with digital and analog video sources. It also accepts HDTV, Blu-ray DVD players and game consoles. According to reports, 50 such units have already been ordered at prices of €500,000.

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