Philips Announces 3D capable Platinum Series Cinema 21:9


Philips had announced that it would bring to us the cool 58-inch 3D capable Platinum Series Cinema 21:9 TV last year. This time around, they finally announced it and have had all the people going gaga over it. I wouldn’t say it is something that should make you go crazy but it surely is something that would make you think twice before buying other large screen TVs.

The TV also boasts of the world’s largest LED screen and also the worlds fastest. This might mean that the picture clarity that you get is amazing and almost crystal clear. It would be one of the higher end devices that have been launched in the recent times and I would say, you should go ahead and check out for yourself before coming to a conclusion. 1200 Hz “Perfect Motion Rate” with 0.5 ms response time is something that was almost unachievable until now.

IT would be a shame if you didn’t get this for yourself for any reason. I would strongly suggest that you go through all your options and choices before making any purchase related decisions. We must remember that one size will not fit all. The TV is also being positioned as the first cinema proportioned Smart TV, with integrated Wi-Fi.

You could also take a look at the IFA 2011 which showed us the Toshiba flatscreen. The Philips Platinum Series TV is a cooler addition the choice as well. The Cinema 21:9 HDTV takes your breath away. I would say, go ahead and get this all for yourself before its too late.

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