The Concept of Pop-Up Hotel has Grown into a Trend

Pop-up shops have become fashionable for the fashion industry and an effective tool for showcasing their collection to targeted audiences on special occasions. Pop-up stores are a rage. Now the hospitality industry is adapting the concept as a solution to provide inexpensive accommodation in an area that has huge demand for rooms over a short period of time like a big sporting event or conference. London is playing host to the Olympic Games next year and will be welcoming large number of guests during the period of the games. The Radisson Edwardian Hotels group is using the concept to highlight the tourist attractions at the doorsteps of the city’s largest 20 hotels. They will be placing a silver, bullet-shaped American travel trailer, Airstream at five locations between March 15 and 19. The 203 sq ft ensuite accommodation comes with a concierge, check-in desk, room service, flat-screen TV, dining area and red carpet at the entrance. It your pop-up home away from home.

London has been witness to pop-up hotel rooms during summer music festivals. But now British architect Tim Pyne has designed flat-pack rooms which can be stacked into a steel frame. It has made it possible to have the m-hotel which can be transported anywhere in shipping containers. The structure has been developed to meet any building regulation requirements. It has rooms in two sizes – 250 and 500square feet. The units can be configured as screening rooms or conference spaces. For periods between three months to a year this is an ideal solution. It will be ideal to meet the shortfall in hotel rooms in London during the Olympic Games.

Hotel Movil in Spain is even more mobile but it no ordinary mobile home. Built on a large 18 wheel truck trailer it is a two level hotel with two bedrooms spread over 135 square meters. After the hotel is unfolded it is large enough to sleep up to forty people. The hotel is not short on luxury as every room has a bathroom, plasma screen TV, DVD, internet access and more. Hotel Móvil is believed to be the solution to A-lister living in a field. If you want to rent the hotel over a weekend, it will cost you EUR 7,000 and if you think you should own one, it will cost you EUR 400,000.

Whitepod uses the concept to create a seasonal hotel. It will create a complete hotel set up right in the heart of the Swiss Alps. It provides guests the opportunity to enjoy nature from up close without compromising on the luxury and comfort. They will set up 15 pods including a central cabin and spa. Alpage de Chindonne is a restaurant for fine dining. Chalet des Cerniers is the reception and the main restaurant. The pods will be backed by almost 7 km of private ski lift. It is a true concept of eco tourism that encorporates the environment completely in its design. You may book your pod now for the winter season that will open on December 20, 2011.

The pop-up hotel concept is more popular in Europe that hosts a lot of festivals that attract scores of people with lots of money who are accustomed to a lifestyle that cannot be compromised with a stay in a tent. Abilmo has come up with a solution that’s worth checking out. They have managed to squeeze in a lot of stuff into 12 Sqm, (130 SF) including a bathroom with toilet and shower, thermal and acoustic insulation, individual heating and air conditioning. It is an ideal solution for big events. For the Le Mans races in June they were able to set up a series of such rooms that that provides comfortable overnight accommodation.

The Japanese love hotel concept also coincides with the pop-up hotel concept of Europe. The Artistic Director of the LLOYD HOTEL, Suzanne Oxenaar has created a pop-up of a different kind by taking some inspiration from the Japanese love hotel concept. It was created to coincide with the opening of Design Tide and the creative folk who were in town for the event got the taste of an interesting accommodation.

The latest pop-up hotel in UK was set up in North Cornwall. The location is Trevanger Farm to be precise. The temporary hotel comes with all the paraphernalia associated with a luxury hotel like concierge service, valet parking, chauffeur service, restaurant and bar. There are twelve rooms based on classic bell tents and four suites which are luxury safari tents and they all come with their own ensuite bathrooms and private decks. The pop-up hotel has moved on to Yarner Estate in Devon and will be there till October 3.

Poznan International Fair is the largest industrial fair hosted by Poland. The major event attracts almost 13,000 exhibitors alone. With the visitors flocking to the fair in large numbers it becomes impossible for the city hotels to provide accommodation for everyone. Architects Jerzy Wozniak and Pawel Garus took it upon themselves to solve the problem by creating a pop-up hotel in an unoccupied apartment building. They managed to do it on a very tight budget by using inexpensive furniture and recycled elements.

A company called All About Space has caught on to the idea of pop-up hotel room and has plans for rolling out what they call their podules at festivals across the country, including Glastonbury, T in the Park, Kendal Calling and the British Grand Prix. They debuted at Hay Festival sponsored by Telegraph. The transportable temporary rooms they have created has everything including thermal and acoustic insulation, heating, air conditioning, plug sockets, flat-screen television, en-suite power shower.

Travelodge, the conservative chain have also caught on to the growing trend of pop-up hotels and decided to go temporary. It sounds unlikely but they find it to be a slick and efficient option and best way to meet high demand for rooms on specific occasions at predetermines dates or periods. Sharday Wells, spokeswoman for Travelodge shared her experience about the pop-up hotels. They experimented with the concept last year at Uxbridge near the tube station and one in Heathrow. They have created the rooms out of shipping containers making it convenient to transport. The pods are made in China, the bathrooms are done beforehand and then they’re stacked on each other. It’s more energy efficient and easier to construct and provides all comforts associated with a standard hotel room.

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