House Port Unveils Gorgeous Prefabricated PopUP Home

Given the recent developments in science and design, we have pretty much got used to the idea of portable furniture, on-the-go-gadgets and even something like a portable workstation. Technology can be squeezed into tiny gadgets, a utilitarian product can be engineered for 10,000 functions but how on earth can we have portable gorgeous living space?! There answer lies with House Port’s PopUP Home.

The PopUP home is just another form of beautiful prefab i.e. prefabricated homes which are dwellings manufactured off-site in advance and come in standard sections which are easy to ship and assemble. This house promises to deliver to an open, stylish and comfortable environment which can be setup just anywhere. It always scores on green points for it comes in ready-to-assemble form to limit environmental impact. More so, the house can be customized to suit one’s aesthetic temperaments and also to optimize energy efficiency.

The PopUp Home is designed by Hally Thacher, a sculptor from New York.  The house is a concoction of elements of environmental awareness, desert living and agricultural shed structures. The manufactures are offering these with a choice of dimensions ranging between 3600-8400 square feet with a price tag if $75,000-$235,000.

Via: DesignPotter

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